Tree services expert in Savannah performing tree removal.

Tree services expert in Savannah

Serving Savannah’s Trees For Over 30 Years!

Savannah Tree Services: Experience Really Does Matter!

Since founding our company over 30 years ago, our president Chris Hunt has made it his mission to assemble one of the most experienced tree service crews in Georgia. Today, our tree service boasts professional machine operators, experienced ground and rope crews, industry experts, and a certified arborist. We’re extremely proud of the service experts we’ve assembled, as well as the superior tree services they continually provide Savannah! Our tree service experts are skilled in a wide variety of areas, including these popular services:

Our experts offer each of these services, and many others, at the highest level of professional skill. We know how to beautify any landscape, nurture any tree, and clear any land quickly and expertly. Whatever tree service your Savannah property needs, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Amateur Tree Services Aren’t Worth the Risk

Amateur tree services are everywhere, and some of them are able to offer basic services competently. Unfortunately, for every decent amateur tree service, there are several fly-by-night companies waiting nearby. Being able to tell the difference between honest amateurs and shysters can be extremely difficult, and an easy judgment call to get wrong. Then of course there’s the fact that even well-meaning amateur tree services come with risks. For example, most amateurs are not licensed, bonded, and insured. This basic lack of customer protection, combined with amateur’s lack of experience avoiding accidents, creates a risky situation for Savannah property owners.

Fortunately, there’s no reason to take any of these risks. Our tree service experts are not only fully protected service providers, we also simply don’t make the mistakes inexperienced tree services do. Our years of experience takes the danger out of tree services, and our long-standing reputation testifies to tree services you can trust. What’s more, despite what you may be thinking, we don’t cost that much more than the amateurs! Because we have a large base of established clients, and aren’t burdened by costly accidents, we can afford to charge highly competitive rates. To find our more about our competitive rates and tree services, contact our Savannah office at any time! We provide a complete range of tree services to all of greater Savannah, including Hinesville, Pooler, Port Wentworth, and Chatham County.


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